Strategy Course: Benefits Of The Bamboo Plant Plus More

One of the most decorative plants on the market today is the bamboo plant. A few of the reasons why they are so highly sought after are their intricate designs, stability, and endurance. The bamboo plant is known to last for long amounts of time without water, so they are easily maintained in an office or home. In fact, one of the legends of the bamboo plant is that if the bamboo plant dies, it means that somebody has been unfaithful to you. Bamboo is now often used in silk flower arrangements because of its complex and glamorous appearance. Make sure you place your bamboo plant in an area with adequate room: you will want guests to see its elegant trunk, and you may need to leave room for the bamboo to get taller. Often, the leaves of the bamboo plants are quite broad, so be sure to dust them if you choose an artificial one. No matter how your house or office is decorated, you will be able to find a bamboo plant that compliments it!

The Elegant Maple Tree

One of the most beloved trees is the breathtaking maple tree. The Canadian flag is just one place that proudly displays the maple leaf. These distinguished maple leaves have three main points with several smaller points jutting from their edges. It is amazing how well the look of the leaves is reproduced in silk maple trees. In terms of quantity, there are a lot more leaves on silk maple trees than most other silk plants. With so many leaves, the tree appears very verdant and fertile, but keep in mind that silk trees do need a periodic cleaning. One to two times a year should be often enough to keep the tree looking clean.

Keys to Making Your Silk Plants Last

There are some important steps you should take to make sure your artificial plants last a long time. One little-known fact is that if sunlight shines continuously on silk and artificial flowers and plants, most will fade. However, as long as you occasionally rotate the placement of the plants, some exposure to sunlight is nothing to worry about. Another step you will want to take is to dust your plants on a regular basis—too much dust causes flowers and plants to lose color. Most silk flowers are fragile, so if you have an arrangement please keep it out of reach of small children to protect both the child and the flower. If you do have an accident, see the manufacturer about repairs. You can correct a lot of mishaps by using a hot glue gun. For more dramatic breaks or cracks, use wire to wrap, tighten, and seal.

By: Misha Vasser

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