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Topiary Plants

The definition of a topiary is a plant that is trimmed in a fashion not ordinarily appearing to be a plant. Some plants that work well for creating topiary designs are hedges (a more western choice) and bonsai tries (commonly used in the east). These topiaries come in every shape and sizes ranging from elephants, squirrels and people to elaborate designs, mazes, and even tunnels. Though real topiaries are often enormous in scale, there are many, many designs available with smaller silk plants. One place you can often find silk topiaries are in office buildings, places of worship, and larger public gathering places. A very popular look for silk topiaries includes a spiral shape, because it can be very small but decorative.

Decorating with Silk Topiaries

One of the biggest designing tips when working with topiaries is to give them enough space to look good. There are hundreds of styles, shapes, and sizes available when it comes to topiaries. If you plan to place a topiary into your office, we recommend that you choose a tall circular topiary style. We also recommend that you choose a silk topiary. This way you will not have to worry about water, bugs, or plan food. Individual houses and places of worship are other great places for silk topiaries. Whether you are looking for a large tree to adorn a great empty space or a tiny plant to place on a table or desk, you will be able to find the size you are looking for with silk topiaries. Be creative in your choice of topiaries and what you use to decorate with them!

Silk Maple Trees

One of the most beloved trees is the breathtaking maple tree. The Canadian flag is just one place that proudly displays the maple leaf. These distinguished maple leaves have three main points with several smaller points jutting from their edges. To duplicate this in a silk maple tree is something of a craft miracle. Also, the amount of leafage on silk maple trees is much greater than with most other tree types. This helps the tree look lush and healthy, although those leaves will need to be dusted! Since cleaning the leaves of the silk tree realistically usually only happens once or twice a year, one should not judge this to be too much of a bad thing.

Pots, Urns, and Other Containers

Choosing the right pot for your flower arrangements, plants, or trees is just as important as choosing the right picture frame for your artwork. Based on the styles and types of greenery you use, one pot may work well for your plant while another one does not compliment it at all. One example is the bonsai plant: look for a pot with warm, rich colors and an Eastern style. Since bamboo plants are quite trendy right now, using metallic materials and fashionable designs works well. It is better to have a good idea about the entire selection of pots available to you before making a selection—and in all reality, there are about as many pot designs as there are plants. Another quality to play around with is how big of a container you want. Some arrangements are arranged around a very large decorated pot, and in other arrangements the pot is barely visible.

By: Misha Vasser

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