Create Your Own Wooden Furnishings

Heart string decorations can be really pretty and they can add a touch of warmth to the home.

When it comes to decorating your home, wooden furnishings are often the best way to go. They look stylish and modern and they also add a little character to the home too. Whilst there are a large variety of wooden furnishings available to purchase, it may also be an idea to actually create your own. Heart shaped decorations are particularly common so you may want to consider creating your own heart shaped wooden furnishings.

Creating Your Own Heart Shaped Wooden Furnishings

People across America have recently started to love heart shaped wooden furnishings. They are being used to decorate the home both above the doorways and on the walls and they just seem to be becoming more and more popular as time goes on.

You can create a string of hearts by using 5 heart shaped cut outs. All you need is a stencil with a love heart pattern, some good quality wood and something to cut the wood with. Then cut out 5 love heart shapes which are all around three inches across. You will also need:

• 1 or maybe 1 ½ inches of soft ribbon • A drill with both an eighth inch bit and a quarter inch bit • A couple of large, wooden beads • Acrylic paint in the color of your choice • Raffia

When choosing the right equipment and materials it is vital that you take care with the color scheme.You can find more about wood floor oil varnish "http://www.home-decorating-reviews.com/magazine/wood-furniture-care.html">resources on wood floor oil varnish at his website. You will need to choose the beads and the ribbon for example really carefully; otherwise you could end up with a string of hearts which looks really odd.

Basically the look you are going for is five hearts that are lined up next to each other with really small raffia bows. You will be using the bigger ribbon for the first and last hearts on the string. Finally the two beads will be hung to the larger ribbon on those first and last hearts. Make sure that the ribbon is tied so that it can hang over a nail and you can then place it wherever you want it to go.

Now in order to actually create that you will first need to drill small holes on each different side of the hearts. For the hole on the outside hearts the drill bit should be the quarter inch bit and for all the other holes it should be the eighth inch bit. Once you have finished doing the holes it is then time to color the hearts in so you will need to paint them in the color of your choice. If you do not want to paint them with acrylic paints then you could always use spray paints to create a more metallic look.

Finally when the paint has dried it is then time to add the raffia to the hearts to tie them all together. Once you have placed the raffia through all of the holes it is then time to tie the raffia above the hearts and then trim the ends of the raffia to make it look tidy if needed.

Once you have finished the heart string decoration you now have to decide where to actually hang it. They can look really pretty if done properly and they can add a touch of warmth to the home.
By: Adam Peters

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