Get the Party Started, Furnish Your Garden!

Life of a 21 year old maybe as simple as assignments and studies during the day and partying during the nights. During this time, nothing seems to be too important for us to skip the daily bash with friends who we would often regards as family.

Our forefathers may envy us for our audacious blood. Why we’ve tried it all; partying in dormitories, compounds of the college or public spaces. Clubs? Too boring! No sense of thrill at all. We love the thought of being a little annoying and fleeing away from irritated authorities.

However, my personal favorite party spot is none other than in a garden lawn. I know it is quite contradicting as a garden may seem a place which is quite ordinary to have a party. People have set up wedding garden parties. The garden has also been used for a children birthday bash. As these children grow older, they tend to think that it is no longer cool to have a blast your friends in the comfort of your home. Therefore, you begin to seek out clubs and bars where you have to part with your cash for drinks that are purposely marked up. Yes, you may meet plenty of hot girls and guys and get on third base that night but it only serves for that one sole purpose only. If you decide to have a reunion or a gathering at such places, no one would be able to listen what the other is talking. Some may scurried to hook the hottest girl while some may meet up with their clubbing mates.

Why do I love garden parties? The answer is simple. Clubs with their meaningless loud music and fixed party mood is not really my cup of tea. I like to be in control of my party. I like to set the mood right according to what kind of party I’m having. Be it a small get together with a few close friends or a loud one with a larger group of friends; my garden will not fail me. All I need to do is play the right kind of music and serve the right kind of drinks.

If you suddenly became inspired and just can’t wait to try out your garden for a bash with friends, make sure your patio is equipped with furniture that can support your event. There is a variety of patio furniture available in stores; from plastic sofas to wooden tables and chairs. However, make sure you go for something that is sturdy and can last you a long time but with that said, don’t restrict yourself to plain looking one. Try to look for something trendy too.

Teak is my personal favorite in terms of garden furniture. Not only is it robust and have the look and feel of luxury, you can be sure to find just about any piece made from teak such as chairs lounges or even umbrella stand. When you choose teak, you know that you are going for quality and chances are your furniture will last you quite a long time. However, be sure to go for Grade A teak.

Wicker furniture is another good option for your patio. Not only is it cheaper, it is also robust and long lasting. Wicker furniture are light too thanks to the wood and rattan element. Having wicker furniture at your garden will transform it into a place like the tropical island because rattan is something that you would commonly see in those places.

A party is incomplete without patio cushions besides, they are a great comfort supply. However, you have to make sure that the cushions are washed clean before you have them on your party. You might never know what’s been on the cushion, the stain or the horrid smell that might be on them. You wouldn’t want it to be transferred to yourself or your guests would you?

If you have patio heaters, you’ll be able to have garden parties all year round. Be it summer or winter, your patio will be warm and cozy for any events you wish to have there. Choose ones that are battery operated rather than the ones you have to plug in to avoid people tripping over the wires and cables.

So there you have it some essentials for you to equip the patio before your have your party. Only then can you start selecting the drinks and music.
By: Kenny L Leichester

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