Saving Money on Kitchen Cabinets: A Real Success Story

For anyone that is getting ready to re-do their kitchen, this is a true story that should be shared:

“My husband and I consider ourselves amateur do-it-yourself'ers. When we decided to update our kitchen cabinets and saw the prices we would be paying , my husband and I decided to research cabinet manufacturers on-line. It seemed that there had to be an alternative to paying high retail prices. Unfortunately, we were on a time crunch, so we decided to see what Ikea had as well.

We found a wide variety of kitchen cabinet web sites and then stumbled across RTA cabinets. We were going to build the kitchen ourselves but when it became apparent that we could buy cabinets that were built just as strongfor a lot less money, it became an easy decision to choose RTA kitchen cabinets.

My husband wasn't as keen about buying cabinets on-line so he dragged me to pick out cabinets at Ikea. We couldn’t pick them up for a couple of days, so I decided to check out these ready-to-assemble cabinets from one of the on-line companies I found that had a showroom near my house. We found a cabinet that was very similar to what we had just picked out at Ikea, so it then came down to assembly, construction materials, and how much it was going to cost.

Assembling the cabinets only took a screwdriver and each cabinet had only one page of directions. Granted the directions were not the best, but the building process was easy once you got the “hang” of the construction. The kitchen we had picked out at Ikea literally came in hundreds of boxes because you had to pick out each piece separately. It would have literally taken a full day to separate all of the pieces for each cabinet. I was amazed that the RTA cabinets came with everything included, neatly packed in one box.

The other refreshing part of the RTA discovery was that these cabinets were actually constructed of better material than the competition from the retail stores. Yes, when we looked at IKEA and a building supply store, but we discovered that box of the cabinets was actually made of particleboard or fiberboard, with a veneer surface. All of the cabinets my husband and I purchased from the RTA cabinet store online were made of solid wood face frames and doors along with solid plywood sides.

My final piece of satisfaction came when my friend who works for the Home Depot stopped by my house to see the new kitchen. He was amazed at the job we did and also very impressed with the quality of the cabinets. But the big news was that he said this kitchen would have cost over $5,000 dollars at his store. We paid $1906.00 for the entire kitchen from the RTA cabinet store and had them delivered to our house in 3 days. Needless to say, we cancelled our order at Ikea, which was going to cost us almost $3,500 and would have involved twice as much time. I highly recommend looking at RTA cabinets for any of your home improvement projects.”
By: Crazy Cabinet Guy

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  1. Hi,

    You have posted useful tips on saving money on kitchen cabinets.

    Go online and look for kitchen cabinets. You can find the same cabinets you're your local store is offering, plus some custom manufacturers, RTA distributors, and you will able to get competitive prices. You will find that most of the cabinets are still expensive, but if you look for RTA cabinets, you are sure to find some good buys. If you don't know what an RTA kitchen cabinets is, it stands for Ready to Assemble. There is no need to worry, the ready to assemble literally means you will need a screw driver and that's it. All of the cabinets I bought came with one page of directions and I used my cordless drill, but it was not necessary, it was only to speed up the assembly.


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