Window Blinds Offer A Trouble-free Solution To Illumination Problems In Apartment Houses

For those who live in apartments, light control is important and desirable.

Not only is sunlight a factor, the lights from patio/deck areas, street lights. parking lot lights and traffic are often intrusive and a source of irritation to the apartment tenant. A tenant may be looking for light control and have cost as a factor, especially if it's a first home or if the tenant feels that their stay in the apartment may be short.

An apartment owner may be looking for not only a solution for light control, but might be looking for a way to achieve a consistent look at the windows from the outside. In addition, the apartment owner is concerned with the costs involved.

We need to find an economical solution to control light within the unit and meet the needs of either the apartment tenant or owner, and that may well be the use of vertical blinds. They are a cost effective and attractive way to control the amount of light coming into an apartment unit.

What makes them economical?

Vertical blinds are available at a variety of price points. These window blinds are available at a variety of stores - from discounters to home improvement stores to specialty vendors to design studios. Because the window blinds are manufactured to be used in standard window sizes, they are often "cash and carry" for the purchasers.

Window blinds are available in a variety of finishes and materials. All types of finishes are available - from modern to traditional, including drapery-like finishes and wood tones can be found. Materials vary from metal to PVC, and often are textures. This means if the tenant is purchasing and installing the window blinds, they can easily be personalized to match or compliment their decor. The apartment owner can use the window blinds to create a neutral look that is attractive from the outside and acceptable to the tenant on the inside.

Vertical blinds are easy to install and maintain. Either the tenant or the apartment complex’s maintenance staff can quickly install them. Necessary parts are included with each purchased blind and generally require only a screwdriver, hammer, drill and a level.

What makes them desirable?

Vertical blinds take up less space than conventional window blinds, drapes and curtains. When closed, they fit closer to the window and wall. The added space can be of importance in an apartment setting.

Vertical blinds are easy to clean. Since relatively less dust settles on a vertical surface, they can be easily cleaned.

Vertical blinds installed over a sliding glass door or window can be opened completely for easy access.

What makes them a good solution to the light problem?

When the window blinds are closed, the slats can be rotated 180 degrees, to let in or block out as much light as desire.

When full light is desired, the vertical blinds can be opened directly. When no light is desired, the vertical blinds can be completely closed.

The total amount of light let in, can depend on the material, whether it is something that allows light through or is something that is room darkening.

The vertical style window blinds are dependable and reliable.

Window blinds provide the light control desired, while being attractive and a compliment to the interior decor.

Why are vertical blinds are an economical way to meet the needs of not only the apartment tenant, but the apartment owner? The window blinds are available at prices to fit into any budget. They are attractive. They are easy to maintain, install and operate. They take up a minimum amount of space.

Vertical blinds are easily used to control the light coming in. They do the job at a reasonable investment of time and money.

By: Judith Persit

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