Installing coat racks is easier than you think

If you can work an electric drill, you can set up your own coat rack. It is relatively simple to obtain the required tools like an electric drill and a traditional level. The first thing one needs to decide where you have a call for a coat rack, customarily located next to an entry door. As soon as the location is has been resolved you will wish to agreed on the elevation starting from the flooring to set up your coat hooks. Normal installed elevations are roughly speaking 46 inches for children to utilize and more or less around 58 inches for adults to use. The installed elevation is up to you depending on your desires.

Pinpoint the about the middle of the desired spot of your coat rack and measure up from the floor, if you are apprehensive about marking directly on the wall or are not positive of the position put a piece of painters tape on the wall and mark on the masking tape. This avoids drawing directly on the wall. Using your level, once more you can use a traditional level situate the level or laser on your mark and hold it parallel and mark the ends of the spot of the coat rack. If you do not have access to a traditional level or laser you can obtain a section of painters tape in the area the measurement of the coat hook and put it on the wall level, step back and carefully inspect the painters tape does it look horizontal? if not adjust until you have a nice parallel painters tape line.

Once you obtain a nice parallel painters tape line to show you in the mounting of your coat rack. You will need to find the position of the studs. The section of painters tape that was put up prior is the exact place to indicate the midpoint of each wall stud. A wall stud finder is the accustomed means used for fining the position of the studs, a stud finder goes for in the area $8.00. If a stud finder is not on hand look for an electrical outlet, these are commonly secured to a stud. Wall studs are located every 16 inches on center.

Our goal is in site if your coat rack makes use of a through hole holding system, place your coat rack along the formerly created level line situated on the painters tape. Using one of the installation screws place it in the installation hole and mark the wall, repeat this for every installation hole. If your coat rack make use of a key-hole installation procedure you will be required to measure the gap relating to the holes and covey these dimensions to the painters tape. After the holes have been marked you need to pre drill the screw holes, confirm the screws and pick a twist drill bit somewhat smaller than the screw and drill the holes. If you are mounting the coat rack with the trough hole installation technique situate the coat rack align with the level line and drilled holes put in the installation screws and tighten evenly. If you are making use of the key-hole installation technique put in the screws turn screws until the head of the screws extends out in the area one quarter of an inch from the wall, put the coat rack over the screws and slide down. You’re new coat rack is now ready for use.

By: Thomas Oak

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