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Homeowner’s today are constantly faced with maintenance and repair projects on their home. With an estimated 125,000,000 housing units in the USA, one can only imagine the number of hours, material and labor force required to maintain and protect the quality of these homes.

An ever increasing number of homeowner’s are discovering the advantages of learning simple and not-so-simple repairs around the house and the cost saving benefits of, “doing it yourself.”

Tile grout repair has been placed in the homeowner’s category of “do not attempt” for far too long and for those homeowners with willingness to learn and repair items around the house, it’s really not rocket science!

Although a complete tile or stone installation is best performed by a professional in the trade, homeowner’s can take on the ensuing maintenance and small repairs necessary for the longevity of their tile and grout.

Some of the most common grout problems homeowner’s face is around the sinks, tubs and showers. Where grout abuts differing materials like porcelain, sheetrock, metal or wood, this scenario introduces a set of factors that can affect the strength and foundation of the grout at those particular points. Expansion and contraction of the differing materials can cause cracking and chipping of the grout. The settling and movement of the house and foundation through the years can also cause cracking and splintering of grout joints as well as the tile itself.

A thorough investigation of the tiled surfaces in your home should include all the edges or ends of the tile and grout, all corners (where grout is likely to crack), tile and grout around windows, ledges and fixtures, and where tile grout meets various other building materials.

Repairing these cracks and chips can save you money in the long run, especially in the wet areas where water can seep through the damaged grout and rot the wood framing or underlayment. Home inspectors always look around the tub and shower for these water problems because it’s such a common problem, and when selling your house can be a very expensive repair.

If you can clean your grout, you can repair your grout! It’s as simple as that. With the proper instructions, tools and products available today, homeowner’s no longer have to wait for a repairman or spend big bucks on a tile-man. They can now, “Do-It-Themselves”!

By: Marcus

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