Fresh Flowers

Take a walk along any high street or through any towns and you are more then likely to encounter fresh flower stores at least once on your journey. The popularity of these types of stores is no fluke; people love buying flowers, especially women, and so they are always kept in business and are rarely the type of shop to struggle through a lack of business.
Although recently supermarkets have tried to take on fresh flower stores by having their own in-store flowers, these are usually of a far lower quality and will not stay fresh for quite as long as those provided by fresh flower stores. In the supermarkets they usually don’t bother to employ any staff especially for the fresh flower range, as they just let the customers come and buy flowers and leave them to it. Members of staff are only there to rotate stock and replenish them when they are dead, and are not able to offer any advice to the public regarding how to keep the flowers, how long they would last, what flowers to buy for what occasion, etc.

Buying fresh flowers from a proper flower shop is a far more enjoyable and pleasant experience than having to get them from a supermarket. When you go to a supermarket you will have to contend with massive queues, busy aisles, bad customer service, and no friendly advice. You will also be helping to put your smaller, local shops out of business by using a supermarket, and if you have a fresh flowers store that is local to you then you should make every effort to try and use it. In your local shop you will have a far more personal service, with a far greater variety of flowers available to you, and you will be helping out a local company which is probably owned by an individual instead of a huge corporate company.

Fresh flowers are such a good gift to buy someone because they show that you have made an effort and make you appear to be quite a sensitive person if you are giving them to a loved one. Flowers can really brighten up a room in a house and can be a real focal point, and if you give them to someone as a thank you gift they can really cheer someone up. People like to feel that you have gone and made an effort, and can be a great sign of affection when given to a partner. They are also a very cheap alternative to other gifts that can be purchased, usually only costing a couple of pounds for a bunch of fresh flowers. Most people will be able to afford them so they should be a possible gift purchased by just about anyone.

Traditionally flowers from a fresh flowers store are given on valentines days and birthdays, especially red roses which seem to be always purchased by men for women. Most women have a favourite particular flower, and it can really impress a women if you are able to remember or predict what a woman’s favourite type of flower is, and are able to buy them for her without being prompted to do so.

By: Brooke Rhea

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