High Quality Tv Cabinets And Tv Furniture From Bdi

If you’re looking for TV Cabinet or a piece of TV Furniture that just oozes class, sophistication and quality then you would do well to take a look at those manufactured by BDI. This company has been at the cutting edge of TV Cabinet and TV Furniture design since its inception over 25 years ago. Now BDI TV Cabinets are known worldwide as being a force and industry leader in the home theatre TV furniture market.

BDI TV Cabinets are full of innovative features and not only that but they are unique, functional and great looking pieces of furniture that would enhance any home theatre system and the room that it is placed in. Manufactured from high quality materials and finished in hand picked real wood veneers this TV Furniture has the stamp of quality written all over.

As has already been mentioned these TV Cabinets from BDI come with a host of wonderful features:

Hidden wheels that easily and effortlessly allow the unit to be moved away from a wall, which enables easy access to the rear of the cabinet and components and cables.

Many have removable back panels that once again allow easy access to all the equipment and these can be left off to house those more cumbersome amps.

All the glass is IR friendly, so although your components are protected and hidden from view the remote controls that operate them can still activate through the closed doors.

Flow through ventilation, designed to dissipate heat build up and prolong the life of your components, ensuring that they not only look cool but remain cool doing their operating lifetime.

Accommodation of bulky and awkward sized components through the use of adjustable shelves in numerous increments.

Glass doors and shelves are manufactured from tempered glass and are virtually shatter proof, so bulkier components can be adequately supported without worry.

Fully integrated cable management features to control and hide all of those unsightly trailing wires.

Certain models feature multi-function drawers and compartments and these often include fabric inserts for the concealment of speakers.

Its easy to see why these TV cabinets have gained such a reputation and following with both Audio and Video enthusiasts around the world and why BDI TV Cabinets are justifiably known as one of the best manufacturers of TV Furniture anywhere.

By: Mark Smith

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