Top 5 Area Rug Cleaning Tips

1. Get Padding – Rug padding is useful for more than just providing extra comfort. by keeping the rug in place on the floor, the padding prevents dirt from wearing itself into your rug, prolonging the rug’s lifespan. You can purchase both Grip-It and Dura-hold brand padding from http://www.rugimporters.com

2. Protect Your Rug From Stains with Fiber-Shield- A stain guard such as Fiber-Shield will protect the fibers of your rug from pesky oil and water-based stains and spills. Unlike other stain repellents, Fiber-Shield won’t damage or degrade the fabric’s color and texture, and it doesn’t wear off. It’s perfectly safe and non-toxic and a must for any rug. Contact info@rugimporters.com for more information on Fiber-Shield.

3. Rotate Your Rug – Approximately once a year, flip your rug 180 degrees. This helps prevent uneven damage to the rug from day-to-day foot traffic or even sunlight. No amount of cleaning can fix too much wear and tear in one specific spot, so turn your rug as a preventative measure.

4. Clean Every 2-5 Years – Over time, dirt and grime can become ingrained within the fibers of the rug. Don’t let it build up to the point where it ruins the look and feel of your valuable rug.

5. Don’t Clean At Home – while you can easily clean a lesser quality machine-made rug yourself, a finer, hand-made oriental rug needs the care and attention of professionals, like the staff of The Rug Importer.

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