How To Make The Home Safe For The Kids

Just when you thought that your kids are completely safe at home, you suddenly find them getting very deep gashes from stumbling in the yard. They stepped on a toy found on the stairs and rolled a couple of steps down to the bottom. Today there are many kids who are brought to the ER simply because they have fallen from the upper bunk beds.

You cannot stop accidents from happening into your kids, but you can take precautionary measures to ensure they are greatly reduced. That’s why the following tips may be extremely helpful:

1. Teach your kids to be responsible. You cannot keep your eyes on your kids at all times. You have chores to fulfill, a husband to take care of. Thus, you also have to teach your kids to be responsible for their actions. Teach them to always keep their toys in a box or chest after playing. They should not be throwing anything into the floor, and they must learn to fix their mess as soon as possible.

2. Secure your home. Watch out for areas where your kids may likely meet an accident. For example, you can purchase a baby fence to prevent your toddler from going up and down the stairs, as well as reaching areas that are considered dangerous for him or her like the kitchen. Keep the doorknobs a little higher (but you can make them lower when your child learns when he or she has to get out), make sure that the yards are cleaned regularly, set up a gate or a fence, find a bunk bed with railings that have slats measuring no more than 3 inches from each other.

3. Keep your first aid kit very close. You may never prevent an accident, but you can try to avoid it from getting worse. Make sure that your first aid kit is accessible, perhaps placing it in your bathroom cabinet. Ensure too that all your supplies are complete. It is also helpful if you will take a crash course on first aid. It is usually given by the Red Cross.

4. Maintain harmony in the home. Physical safety is not the only thing you should be concerned about. You must also take into consideration the emotional safety of the children. Any sign of hostility in the home can cause undue stress, anxiety, and depression to them. They would definitely feel that they’re no longer safe in their own home.

This is where your partner comes in. You know that home harmony cannot be achieved if it’s only you who’s doing all the effort. It’s essential that as a couple, you can always iron your issues out before it gets out of proportion. Showing affection and love toward each other is a good example for the kids.

5. Always maintain a positive attitude. Maintaining a household, more so keeping the kids safe, can be such a huge responsibility. However, you cannot afford yourself to break down. Your kids depend on you. If the going gets tough, just remember these following subliminal messages:

I am strong enough to fight this stress.
I will take care of myself so I can take care of my kids.
I am capable of providing safety in the home.

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