Pendant Lights: Different Colors For Different Styles

    Call them mini chandeliers, but the smaller form of pendant lights is by no means an indication of inferiority. Yes, chandeliers are grandiose and stunning in their own right, but the more modest pendant lighting fixture is just as elegant and impeccable. With the right selection, your house will be a beaming splendor of light arts.
    But to achieve the ‘splendor’ effect, you must know how to match the right pendant lighting fixtures with the right interior designs. You have to take into account whether the house is classical, modern, or any other.
Contemporary With Pastel Colors
    Contemporary homes are characterized by their simplicity and their minimalistic approach to home decors. And when it comes to the selection of color schemes, some modern homes prefer the use of pastel colors. This gives a youthful glow which is common to modern interior designing
      The Tech Lighting Firefrost Modern / Contemporary Pendant Light for example, is invigoratingly youthful with its simplistic form and colorful palette. There is red, green, lime, blue, yellow, and white. Together, they make a beautiful combination of varied colors.

Futuristic With Metallic Silver
First of all, you might ask, is there a difference between contemporary and futuristic? Generally, both designs depict a separation from the classic. However, contemporary is more about the current trends. On the other hand, futuristic design is like a projection of how tomorrow is going to be like.

For futuristic designs, you want to pull off an ‘advanced technology’ look. This is best achieved by sporting shiny silver palettes. The silver finish and futuristic form of Elk Lighting Odyssey Modern / Contemporary Pendant Light and Kichler Lighting Grenoble Contemporary Mini Pendant Light are perfect for such interior design themes.

Elegant With Black Finish
Mostly, dark themes are used in Victorian interior designs. In this case, black is classical. However, black can also be used for modern and contemporary homes. In both cases, the elegance and maturity attributed to black is the main inspiration of the design.

For pendant lights with black finish, the Quoizel Utopia Transitional Mini Pendant Light and Landmark Lighting Cirque Modern / Contemporary Mini Pendant Light are good selections. They may not be the best in providing bright illumination but they are perfect and trendy for a style.

Sophisticated With Stained Glass
Some folks however want to go further into the field and explore uncharted regions. Well, not exactly uncharted but more like extraordinary, sophisticated pendant lights with stained glass design are indeed unique. The Quoizel Parisian Traditional Tiffany Inverted Pendant Light is almost like a chandelier with its colorful stained glass schemes.

Another good example of stained glass pendant lighting is the Quoizel Hyacinth Traditional Tiffany Mini Pendant Light. It sports an inverted bowl design which mimics the form of a drooping flower bud or a bell. And the color pattern it sports is like abstract art.

So the next time you feel like you need to add new lighting fixtures into your house, you have to make sure that you choose pendant lights that match with the theme and design of your house.

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