Window Shades Fight Insomnia

You can sleep better with blackout roller shades because they will, as the name indicates, black out outside lighting. If you have problems awakening at dawn when you need to sleep later, these window shades can be an attractive way to accomplish your objective. Even in a white painted room, the blackout window shades will prevent room lightening at daylight. If you do happen to awake early for any reason, using blackout window will make it much easier for you to fall back asleep quickly. They fool your brain into thinking it is still nighttime, and you won't awaken with the traditional dawn effect.

Roller shades in general are nice because they completely cover the window from side to side, and you can bring them down to whatever level you want, partially down for daytime, or all the way down to the bottom of the window for nighttime or sleeping. They are nice to have in a child's room for peaceful nap or bed time, and also to avoid the children waking up too early in the morning, before Mom and Dad are ready to get up and active!

All members of the family can sleep better with blackout roller shades. Seniors frequently have difficulty sleeping, or are light sleepers. Blackout roller shades can be an inexpensive answer to this problem by creating a dark, peaceful atmosphere in the room, making it easier for seniors to fall asleep and stay asleep longer. Because seniors often have to make more bathroom trips during the night, the blackout window and darkened room are better for resuming sleep.

For extra light control, you can mount the blackout shades outside the frame by 2 to 3 inches, or encase them in a side or top valence box. Designer options are available, and window shades come in either vinyl or fabric materials. There are typically roll down from the top window, but you can also get shades that roll up from the bottom of the window for privacy. Combine with your decorator room curtains for a total window treatment. Fabrics are fire resistant, waterproof, and color fast. Shades that are extra wide and longer than 60 inches may have a seam, and may have some slight sagging in the middle. It is best to have window that are 72 inches wide or less for best performance.

Many decades ago, blackout roller shades were thinner and prone to getting little holes in them, or cracking, allowing light to penetrate. New styles and materials are much improved, featuring better quality and heavier materials. The rollup mechanisms have been improved over the older mechanisms. New ones function smoothly and do not break down quickly. One new type is called Smooth Lift, which is only available from a few high quality retailers.

The blackout roller shades of today are far different from those available in Grandmother's day. Durable, easy to operate, and attractive, today's blackout roller shades can be used in every room of the house, not just bedrooms. Modern looking, they will fit a design scheme for rooms that need occasional daylight darkening. They fit right in to modern media rooms, allowing darkened room viewing any time of day.

Many people want to have these styles because they know they can sleep better with blackout roller shades. If you are working a split shift, or night shift, and need to sleep during the daytime, these are an ideal answer to solve that problem. Getting enough proper sleep is one of the fastest growing areas of complaints to doctors today. Being sleep deprived can affect all your body systems, and make you crabby too! Sleep better with blackout roller shades, and enjoy life!

By: Judith Persit

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