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Coupling Home Decorations with Good Cleaning Strategies

It is stated that cleanliness is next to godliness. The goal of interior decorating is to have your home looking as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Of course, finding time to do all we need to do is a big issue. When we talk about beautifying our houses, we often think about changing our d├ęcor. However, finding ways to keep our house cleaner is just as critical to having an improved home. One simple way to efficiently keep your house clean is to put a list of chores together that includes tasks needing to be done a few times a year. Then, rather than having to dedicate a whole day or week to these chores, take twenty or thirty minutes a couple days each month and take care of them. Another time-saving strategy is to make sure the rest of the family is helping you! Not only is it their responsibility, too; having everyone help frees a lot of your time and makes you a lot more fun to be around. One more tip is to use labels wherever it is convenient. Knowing where everything is, or goes, not only keeps things organized longer, it also keeps you from wasting time looking for things.

The Importance of Fertilization with Potted Plants

If you are relatively new to owning a potted plant, it is important to know that your plant will require regular fertilization. Fertilizer provides nutrients that younger plants (including most potted plants) need to thrive. Also, due to the fact that their soil nutrients are limited to what is in the pot, and those same nutrients are being drowned out by constant watering, it is important to fertilize. Do not let this fact scare you away from potted plants, however: fertilization can actually be quite easy. The most common way to fertilize your plant is to buy packages of fertilizer in your local garden store. However, not each fertilizer is exactly the same, so make sure to follow any given instructions. One type of fertilizer you may want to consider is a type that dissolves in water before you add that water to your plant. This is a nice option that allows you to take care of both watering and fertilizing the same time.

Keys to Making Your Silk Plants Last

There are some important steps you should take to make sure your artificial plants last a long time. First, the silk, plastic, or other materials used in most artificial plants can fade if placed in direct sunlight. However, as long as you occasionally rotate the placement of the plants, some exposure to sunlight is nothing to worry about. Also, dust prevention is key to making sure your plants maintain a vibrant color. It is a good idea to make sure little children cannot reach your plants or flower arrangements, as they can be easily broken. You can contact the manufacturer for information about repairs if any damage to your greenery does occur. Most repairs can be made with a hot glue gun. Wire is a great tool when fixing more extensive problems.

By: Misha Vasser

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