How To Choose Bedroom Furniture

Choosing furniture for your bedroom depends on both the atmosphere you’re trying to create and the number of functions you’re trying to accommodate in that piece of real estate – for example, some parents like to keep their bedroom as a solely adult preserve where children may enter only with permission, in other families the parent’s bedroom is a second family room where parents and kids snuggle up and lounge around on evenings and weekends.

Naturally, the first piece of furniture you need for your bedroom is the bed – and not only do you need to decide on the size from full to queen to king, but also whether you want a frilly four poster or an austere platform. Since today’s bedrooms are all about comfort and luxury, choose the largest bed that will logically fit in your space (nothing looks odder than a huge bed in a tiny room, however, so if a king won’t fit without going wall to wall, settle for a queen. And, like everything else, do your research and buy the best you can afford when it comes to mattresses – fortunately mattresses are always on sale and many mattress dealers have “we will not be undersold” policies so if you find a good price on a model at one place, you can transfer it to another.

Depending upon how much storage you have, next you should assess things like dressers, wardrobes and the like. You might not want the traditional mirrored dresser of the standard bedroom set – one common new idea is to have your closets professionally done to provide you with the hanging space, drawers and shelves you need, and if you want a bedroom that’s less bedroom and more “luxury hotel.” A wardrobe can hold a TV and audio system and DVD’s; bed tables can hide refrigerators, video games and other
entertainment items. You also might want to have a lounge area with a table and chairs where an intimate meal can be served (or kids can color, for that matter.) The bedroom is also often the only room for an exercise area or machine. Whether that consists of a mat and a rubber ball or a complete weight machine, treadmill or exercise machine is up to you.

By: Sarah FLynn

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