Selecting Proper Bathroom Tiles

Most people do not bother to think or spend some time in researching when they are selecting tiles for their bathroom. They tend to forget that the environment of the bathroom is different from the other rooms of their house and that it requires special types of tiles. Whereas any tile will be suitable for the other rooms of your house, apart from the kitchen, your bathroom requires tiles that will not get affected by water. In other words you need tiles that are highly polished and do not have any rough surfaces.

If they have rough surfaces, these spots will collect dust. In the living room these dust particles can be sucked out with a vacuum cleaner, but in the bathroom, after the particles get soaked with water, they tend to affix themselves in the crevices of the tiles, thus making them impossible to remove later on. At the same time, you should be extremely careful when selecting tiles for the floor of your bathroom. You should use tiles that are grime and water resistant and at the same time are not too smooth and polished.

Soapy water tends to fall on these floors and if you have mirror finish tiles, you are bound to slip on them and break your limbs and bones. You have to be extra selective when selecting tiles that are going to be used in the vicinity of the shower and tub, since these locations tend to be exposed to water throughout the day. Do not go in for fancy designs for such tiles and try to use simple ones. By doing so, you will be saving yourself lots of bother when cleaning them up and the end of the day. Take some time and browse through a few online interior decoration sites and you will find lots of hints and tips that will assist you to select the best tiles for your bathroom.

You can also go through magazines that specialize in interior decoration. Nowadays there are some special glass tiles and they are the rage of town. Make sure that these tiles are suitable for the bathroom before going in for them. Another important aspect is to chalk out your budget first. Most people do not bother to look into this aspect and are more concerned in purchasing the latest fancy tiles for their bathroom. The end result is that they are left with packs of tiles without having the resources left to purchase other items required to fix up these tiles.

Another important point is the color scheme. When you are purchasing tiles, check out the color scheme of your bathroom and fixtures in it and try to select tiles that compliment them. If you do not have sufficient light in your bathroom, you can either increase the lights in your bathroom, spending lots of money in rewiring or... you can select light colored tiles that will make your bathroom look brighter. A light colored tile reflects more amount of light falling on it than the dark ones.

By: Tim Lee

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