Rocking Stool Not Rocking Chair By Isamu Noguchi

The idea of a rocking stool is certainly a novel one, and matches the informality associated with the stool as a piece of furniture.

The design was naturally suitable for adaptation and varying sized tables were made. The wooden seat is dished, and united to the rocking base by intersecting v-shaped metal suppots.

There are two stories about the stool's 'birth'.

One features hans Knoll who, having seen a plastic stool in the studio of isamu Noguchi's, asked him to design one that incorporated metal rods.

The other says the stool was inspired by an african one which belonged to a friend of Noguchi's and irritated him byits lack of movement.

As a result, Noguchi's design enables the user to tilt it at any point in its circumference.

Noguchi was a prominent American sculptor, and his furniture designs are refined and simple, and show the sculptor's subtle eye for space and form.

Many designs still exist today and have an effect on the wider furniture design community, The best place to view and purchase these artistic yet functional furniture pieces is on furnitureinfashion.

By: Sarah FLynn

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